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Teaching and Learning Resources

Below are some resources to assist faculty with policy, procedure, teaching and learning topics.

  • Peer Review Observation Form (updated 2024): Use this form when completing a peer review of another faculty. 
  • A Guide for Staff and Faculty: Responding to Student Behavior Concerns: Designed to provide guidance to staff and faculty who may encounter disconcerting student behavior, this guide will help you recognize and effectively respond to a range of behaviors. Available via Student Conduct.
  • Student Affairs Referral Sheets - Use this form to refer students to Career Services, Accessibility Services, Student Support Services, Student Leadership Development, Judicial Affairs, Tutorial Services, Veteran Services, Counseling Services, Pathways to Completion, Ombudsman, Minority Student Success, Tartan TOPS, Sinclair Talks and/or Campus Ministry. Visit Website.
  • Academic Integrity Policy: This policy addresses willful acts of cheating, dishonesty, and plagiarism and establishes common procedures to be followed when such acts occur. The intent of the policy is to improve students' understanding of academic integrity while affirming the concepts and philosophies established in the Sinclair Community College Honor Code. More information available via Judicial Affairs. For a copy of slides from Fall Professional Development Day 2023 email
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA): This policy requires institutions to adopt policies and procedures which (1) grant students access to their individual educational records; (2) establish procedures for students to challenge records believed to be inaccurate and (3) prevent the release of educational records, except directory information, to third parties without written consent from the student. More information available from RSR.
  • EthicsEthics is an important part of being a professional faculty member. It is important to review the faculty handbook and your disciplinary code of ethics. The American Association of University Professors has a good website to review. Click here for more information.

Service Learning Opportunities

Sinclair Library

The Sinclair Library collaborates with faculty and supports teaching and learning in several important ways. A librarian is assigned to each department to purchase or license needed materials for the collection, design web-based research guides for a particular program or class, and provide research instruction that aligns with the core competencies of information literacy and critical thinking. Librarians can also assist faculty with identifying and locating learning materials, using citation management software, navigating copyright and intellectual property issues, and integrating library resources into Angel. The library provides course reserves, a collection of books and supplemental readings supplied by faculty for students to use in the library for limited periods of time. The Sinclair librarians look forward to working with you in any way to help your students succeed. Faculty resources on teaching and learning.

These organizations support faculty development and have good resources: