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Sinclair College



Requests for marketing needs with due dates in Fall Semester of 2022 will occur in July 2022. Please check back for updates here.

Find more information on submitting requests and how they are prioritized here.

The Marketing department is responsible for the development and implementation of the college's marketing, advertising, social media, branding and brand awareness. This is accomplished by monitoring the design and implementation of all Sinclair publications, digital and related materials for internal and external distribution.

Standards ensure an accurate, high-quality, effective, comprehensive, complementary and consistent implementation of the college brand. This includes items like brochures, posters, websites, social media, and advertising.

Departments requiring any materials used to market the college or any of its departments, events or programs must contact the Marketing office for design approval before production and implementation. All materials, internal and external, must have the Sinclair identity, consistent message and present a good quality, first-class representation of the college.


Use of Logo

To maintain Sinclair’s quality brand, those needing to use the logo for flyers, posters, and brochures must check with Marketing. Outside organizations needing the logo for productions that are cooperative efforts with the college may receive a logo by filling out this logo request form. The office monitors the logo usage and will place it on any approved publications.

Please allow plenty of time for approval and production as turn-around times and print production schedules can vary greatly project to project. All publications going off campus must be checked through the Marketing department.