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Regional Centers

The Regional Centers continue to play an important role to achieve Sinclair’s Strategic direction: Alignment, Equity, and Growth.

We will continue:

  1. To be grounded in the communities where we are located, to ensure that accessibility is an interactive process where we are in partnership with a wide range of constituents (schools, community organizations, businesses, etc.);
  2. To create a student experience at our locations that affirms belonging and persisting toward students’ educational goals; and
  3. To sharpen our focus on “completion” milestones through streamlining processes, clarifying pathways, and strengthening wrap-around support for students to successfully transition into the college, through academic programs and on to baccalaureate programs and/or careers.

Through these efforts we will realize a vision of strengthened communities with increasing numbers of thriving individuals who transition into evermore successful careers. We commit to this work because we believe that education is vital to social and economic mobility for our students, their families, and generations to follow.

Regional Center Locations:

Sinclair in Centerville
Sinclair in Englewood
Sinclair in Huber Heights
Sinclair in Mason