Office of the Provost

The Provost reports to the President and has full responsibility for leadership of instruction of student learning to support the mission of the college, strategic planning in the implementation of state-of-the-art technology in the classrooms, and the day to day operation of the following divisions:  


Department Information
Building 7, Room 330

P: 512-2522

F: 512-5152

Dave Collins

P: 512-2522

Assistant Provost
Jared Cutler
Assistant Provost of Accreditation and Assessment

P: 512-2789

Associate Provost
Lori Zakel
Associate Provost

P: 512-3044

Janeil Bernheisel
Manager of Curriculum

P: 512-3145

Executive Assistant
Kara Landis
Executive Administrative Assistant

P: 512-2522

Christie Flesher
Admininstrative Assistant II

P: 512-3146

Katherine Lewis
Administrative Assistant II

P: 512-3044