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Consumer Information

For questions regarding consumer information, contact the Sinclair at 937-512-3000 or

Sinclair Community College Consumer Information

Sinclair Community College annually discloses the following consumer information and resources to prospective and current students to assist with selecting the best path to post-secondary education.

Financial Aid Information

Information to assist students and families regarding financial aid application process, financial assistance, and funding options.

General Information about the Institution

Information regarding student rights and responsibilities, copyright policies, and Constitution Day resources.

Cost and Withdrawal Information

Estimated educational related expenses, institutional refund policies, and withdraw policies and procedures.

Academic Information

Current degree programs, educational and training programs offered at Sinclair, accrediting agencies, and student service resources.

Student Outcomes

Retention rates, graduation rates, and employment outcomes for Sinclair students.

Health and Safety

Notifications and resources pertaining to Safety and Drug and Alcohol prevention.

For questions or to request a paper copy of this information, please contact us at 937-512-3000, or by email at