Accessibility Services

student getting help by counselor

Mission Statement

Accessibility Services provides assistance to all qualified students with disabilities, whether they are physical, psychiatric or educational. You are required to register with the office and identify your needs in order to be eligible for academic adjustments. All services are based on individual needs. We are here to help you reach your academic goals.

Eligibility for Service

A qualified person with a disability is someone with a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more life activities, who with or without accommodations, can meet the essential requirements for participation in a program.

Qualified individuals eligible for disability services need to produce required documentation of their disability and self identify their need for accommodations.

General Information


            applying to accessibility services

Students requesting services should contact Sinclair's Department of Accessibility Services (DDS) to obtain Disability Verification Forms.

Once documentation materials have been received and reviewed, the student will be contacted by Accessibility Services to schedule an intake interview. The intake interview is designed to discuss services that students are eligible to receive based on documentation reviewed.

All documents submitted are placed in a confidential file and will not be returned or forwarded to any agency or other college/university.

Documentation is collected and maintained separate from the student's college record and is kept in secure files by the Accessibility Services. Records are maintained for five years after a student's last date of attendance. After five years of non-attendance at Sinclair, records will be destroyed in a confidential manner.

Information regarding a student's disability is shared on a limited confidential need-to-know basis and then only when there is a compelling reason for such disclosure. This may mean sharing with faculty only the information that a student has a documented disability and need for accommodations.