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Cost of Attendance

Why do we have a COA?

Federal laws require colleges to establish a Cost of Attendance (COA) for each student receiving any financial aid or student support. Sinclair Community College uses the Student Aid Index (SAI), as calculated by the information submitted on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and a student's COA, to determine the student's financial need. During a given period of enrollment, a student is not allowed to receive a total amount of student aid (including scholarships, grants, federal student loans, and Federal Work-Study) that exceeds that student's Cost of Attendance.

Estimated Cost of Attendance

  Detailed Breakdown of Estimated Cost of Attendance
1 Tuition and Fees

An amount normally assessed a student carrying the same academic workload, as determined by the institution.

2 Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment An allowance for books, course materials, and equipment, which must include all such costs required of all students in the same course of study, including a reasonable allowance for the rental or upfront purchase of a personal computer, as determined by the institution.
3 Transportation An allowance, as determined by Sinclair, which may include transportation between campus, residences, and place of work.
4 Living Expenses 

An allowance for food and housing (formerly known as Room and Board) costs, as determined by Sinclair, to be incurred by the student attending the institution on at least a half-time basis. It is an equivalent of three meals per day.

5 Personal Expenses An allowance, as determined by the institution, for a student attending the institution on at least a half-time basis.
6 Loan Fees An allowance for the cost of any Federal student loan fee, origination fee, or insurance premium charged to the student or the parent of the student.
7 Professional Licensure/Certification/Credential Costs An allowance for the costs associated with obtaining a license, certification, or a first professional credential, for a student in a program that prepares them to enter a profession that requires such a qualification.


What if I have additional expenses?

If you have additional expenses which exceed the standard cost of attendance at Sinclair, you may request to have your Cost of Attendance (COA) reviewed. These additional expenses may include, but are not limited to dependent care, disability related expenses, study abroad expenses, approved licensure fees, and cooperative education costs. For more information about COA and additional expenses, please contact Sinclair’s Financial Aid Office.

Cost of Attendance Examples

In-County Residents
Other Ohio Residents

Non-Ohio Residents

Military Students