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Important Financial Aid Dates

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Why complete the FAFSA early?

Earlier submission results in shorter wait times and quicker processing. This means you will see your aid offer sooner, and will be able to make a sound financial decision regarding paying for college.

In order to ensure that your financial aid is processed in time to pay for your classes, you must complete the FAFSA early. Sinclair must receive your FAFSA information from the federal government and all paperwork needed to complete your file before offering financial aid.

Priority Dates:

  1. Priority Dates are critical when applying for financial aid. Apply as early as possible.
  2. June 1 is the annual FAFSA completion deadline established by Sinclair. Apply by June1 each year for the best chance of receiving a financial aid offer for the next academic year.
  3. After priority dates, there may be less aid available from state aid and scholarships. Students still may submit applications, but they may be required to pay their tuition and books themselves before receiving a reimbursement credit. See a financial aid representative for possible reimbursement for current or past semesters of federal Pell grants.
  4. Students who have difficulty paying 100% of tuition and fees at the time payment is due should see the Bursar about the Tuition Payment Plan. This plan allows students to spread tuition over several payments.