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Sinclair offers 15 associate degrees and 30 certificates that can be completed entirely online. Students can complete part of any of Sinclair's 270+ associate degree or certificates online. Over 300 courses are offered completely online. That includes most general education courses and many core specialized program courses in Business and Computer Information Systems, Health Information Management, Health Sciences, Computer Information Systems, Criminal Justice Science, Management, and more.

At Sinclair, all online courses (online, blended, and FlexPace) have embedded into the design and development Quality Matters™, the national higher education’s standards for online course development. Sinclair is also a member of the Quality matters Ohio Consortium

Completely Online
Associate Degrees

Online Certificates

Online Courses

Blended 50% Online &
50% In-Person Courses

Quality Matters™ Online
Courses & Consortium Member

FlexPace Competency Based
Education (CBE) Courses


Types of Courses

Sinclair affords students more options to success with 4 different course modalities. Choose how you want to take classes that are best for your needs. Online and especially FlexPace courses offer the most flexible scheduling and eliminate the need to drive to campus.  To read more about what to expect in online, blended, and FlexPace courses, view this Learning Modalities Infographic.

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Online Courses

Online courses offer all learning activities through eLearn, Sinclair’s learning management system. Tests are usually given online through eLearn, but not in all online courses.  Proctored testing may be required. You have the freedom to login and do your work when it fits your schedule.  However, assignments have deadlines just like in-person courses.  Good skills in time management, studying, communicating, self-motivation, and technology are needed.

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Remote Courses

Course is streamed online at designated days/times. Requires a computer or phone with a camera, microphone, and high speed internet. For example, a Zoom meeting at 2 pm on Monday, or every other Monday. The rest of the learning materials are online such as content pages, videos and other resources. The entire semester, students are not expected to attend any events on campus in person.

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In-Person Courses

In-person courses are taught in a classroom with an instructor present. You may think of these courses as traditional college courses. The instructor might use eLearn to provide students with some online materials, online quizzes or exams, or other technology-enhanced content.

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FlexPace Courses

FlexPace, or competency-based education (CBE), courses allow you to move through courses as you demonstrate competency, which means you may be able to complete assignments faster and even complete whole courses faster than other types of courses. Course content is usually delivered fully online, although some courses may require in-person activities like labs, presentations, or tests. You have the freedom to login and do your work when it fits your schedule and have flexibility with assignment and testing deadlines.

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Blended Courses

Online and Face-to-face Blend: Blends online and face-to-face formats on designated days/times. Requires a computer and high speed internet.

Online and Remote Blend: Blends online and remote formats on designated days/times. Required a computer or phone with a camera, microphone, and high speed internet.

Remote and Face-to-Face Blend: Blends remote and face-to-face formats, both during designated days/times. Requires a computer or phone with a camera, microphone, and high speed internet. An example might be a class with a lab.

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About eLearn

Sinclair's learning management system, named eLearn, is powered by D2L's Brightspace. eLearn provides students with the tools and resources needed to excel in an online environment. Current students can access the learning portal directly at or login through

What all does eLearn do?
  • Creates an online environment for students to easily communicate with their instructors and with other students.
  • eLearn’s discussion forums, email, and dropboxes are used for grading to assess students and assign grades.
  • Delivers online, FlexPace, and blended classes. Some instructors teaching in-person classes also use eLearn.
  • Provides access to student courses and online course materials.

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