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How to Succeed in eLearn (HTS)

Students who want to take online or FlexPace courses are required to complete How to Succeed in eLearn (HTS). It is recommended for students taking blended or in-person courses. Anyone with a Sinclair username and password may take HTS.

  • HTS is a FREE online tutorial-available anytime
  • It is not for credit or a grade
  • HTS is self-paced and takes less than an hour
  • HTS teaches you how to use eLearn

To get started, follow the steps below or watch and listen to the HTS video or read this HTS PDF.

  1. Log into
  2. Click on go to eLearn Courses
  3. Click on the link inside the How to Succeed in eLearn box in the center of the page. Then follow the instructions on each page.
  4. Inside the How to Succeed in eLearn tutorial, click Start Here and follow the directions.

Proof of HTS Completion

  • Click on the grades tab. If you completed HTS, the bottom line will be "Congratulations, you have completed How to Succeed in eLearn."   -OR-
  • If you completed HTS in the October 2017 section or later, you will have a certificate. Go to any of your eLearn courses, click on the Progress tab and choose Awards or follow these instructions on accessing HTS certificate (PDF).

What is eLearn?

  • eLearn is Sinclair’s Learning Management System (LMS).
  • eLearn is used for online, FlexPace, blended, and in-person classes!
  • Watch and listen to the overview of eLearn video.

eLearn Tools

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