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eLearning Division


Since 1979, Sinclair has offered robust, student-centered distance education and eLearning-infused opportunities for all learners based on high-quality design principles.

The Division is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Innovation of the Year through the League for Innovation, Bellwether, Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) HERO Award, and each of the Instructional Technology Council's (ITS) Excellence in eLearning Awards.

Sinclair has also been recognized as Ohio's Best Online Community College Programs by Premium Schools for 2022, and a Top Online Learning School by Newsweek for 2023. 

To learn more, view our 2021 Annual Report and 2022 Annual Report

Welcome from the Dean

Dean Amato

Christina Amato Dean, eLearning Division

Welcome to the eLearning Division at Sinclair Community College. For more than forty years, Sinclair's distance education, online, and eLearning programs have created opportunities outside the four walls of a traditional classroom. We support faculty and staff in the design of robust, accessible, and digitally inclusive eLearning courses and programs. This work enables Sinclair students to achieve their educational goals, attain credentials, enter the workforce, or transfer to a four-year institution.

Our guiding mission is to position Sinclair as a leader in the most advanced, scalable eLearning curriculum design, and faculty and student support. I encourage you to explore our different Program Areas which include Flexible Learning and Student Success, Instructional Design and Technology, and Strategy and Innovation; as well as what we offer Sinclair with our Online Programs and Certificates and our Equity Mission

Mission and Values

The eLearning Division's mission is to lead Sinclair in the most advanced, scalable eLearning curriculum design, faculty and student support utilizing technology and innovation, continuous improvement processes, and teamwork. 

The Division:

  • Innovates to deliver technology-driven curriculum and support aligned with the interests or partner communities. 
  • Maintains relationships with stakeholders by effectively communicating, supporting, and educating on the power and potential of eLearning.
  • Builds exceptional services, training, and resources for students, faculty, and staff.

Key stakeholders of the Division consist of all Sinclair faculty, staff, and students, as well as those external to the college. Primary users hold eLearning to a high set of expectations which translates into a core set of branded beliefs guiding the work. 

The brand reflects:

  • eLearning is open to both growth and a growth mindset.
  • Leadership comes through knowledge of innovative practices and technologies.
  • The Division is collaboratively accountable through the support of others in reaching set goals.

The eLearning Division is committed to Sinclair's mission and values as they pertain to equity for all learners. Perhaps nowhere is this more important than in online spaces. 

Learn more about the eLearning Division's Equity Mission.

Advisory and Oversight

The eLearning Division embodies Sinclair's culture of shared oversight and formal policies in decision-making, strategic planning, technical oversight, and other areas of shared governance. 

eLearn Advisory Group

The eLearn Advisory Group collaborates with the eLearning Division to discuss updates, make continuous improvement recommendations, and address student and faculty issues with eLearn - Sinclair's Learning Management System.

  • Business & Public Services: Pam Chambers (CJS) and Brad West (BIS)
  • Health Sciences: Karen Motley (HIM) and Susan Miller (NSG)
  • Liberal Arts, Communication, & Social Sciences: Jessica Turpin (PSY) and Adam Thompson (VIS)
  • Science, Mathematics, & Engineering: Craig Birkemeier (MAT) and Shan Huang (PHY)
  • eLearning: Greg Deye (S&I), Nandni Hirani (S&I), Melissa Hart (IDT), Brenda McKinley (IDT), and Elizabeth Burns (FLSS)
  • Sinclair Staff: Vince Calautti (Centerville Advising Generalist), Teresa Parker (Advising), and Cyrus Stork (CCP)

The eLearn Advisory Group encourages any eLearn user at Sinclair to submit ideas for improvement by using the eLearn Ideas for Improvement form.

Online Teaching and Learning Committee

The Online Teaching and Learning Committee advises the Division of Instruction on policies and practices that influence the quality of online teaching and learning for faculty and students. Its structure is regulated by the Faculty Handbook and members serve a two-year term.

  • Business & Public Services: Jennifer Day (BIS) and Jessy Jones (MAN/MRK)
  • Health Sciences: Mary Brown (ALH) and Carolyn Reno (VET)
  • Liberal Arts, Communication, & Social Sciences: Kristin Kwasny (PSY), Nadine Cichy (COM), Kate Geiselman (ENG), and Scott Reinemann (GEO)
  • Science, Mathematics, & Engineering: Amanda Duselis (BIO), Sandy Specht (BIO), and Kelly Ripperger (CHE)
  • eLearning: Jessica Hodell (FLSS) and Greg Deye (S&I)
  • Center for Teaching and Learning: Dair Arnold (Director)

Check out eLearn Helps for answers to common questions about eLearning.

Looking for Program and Course Information? 

Visit SinclairOnline to find information for current and future students, a list of online programs and courses, and student support for students taking an eLearning course.