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Flexible Learning and Student Success

The Flexible Learning and Student Success team aims to increase student access and achievement through targeted initiatives in online success coaching, faculty partnerships, leadership and support of competency-based education, and via high-quality prior learning assessment options.

eLearning Coaching

eLearning Coaching comprises two coaching programs


In-course coaching services for Sinclair's competency-based education courses, supporting students in completing courses, facilitating access to resources, and collaborating with faculty to ensure comprehensive student support.

Coach Collaborations

Providing course delivery support to new teaching faculty and faculty developers, with the objective of enhancing student preparedness, engagement, and completion through increased utilization of eLearning tools. 

Elizabeth Burns
Manager of eLearning Coaching
Elizabeth Burns, M.Ed.

Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) provides course specific assessments for students to demonstrate subject matter knowledge through a multitude of testing and evaluation options.

Students who earn qualifying scores or are approved through evaluation will earn course credit, saving time and money at Sinclair.

Arian Adducchio
Coordinator for Prior Learning Assessment and Individualized Programs
Arian Adducchio, M.A.

Check out eLearn Helps for answers to common questions about eLearning.

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Jessica Hodell

Jessica Hodell, M.S.
Program Director, Flexible Learning and Student Success 
Building 7, Room 210
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