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Appalachian Outreach


  • Please email our office with any concerns or questions regarding Appalachian Outreach programs or events. The Coordinator will contact you within 24 hours or email Nora at

Appalachian Outreach collaborates with college and community partners to provide programs and services that help eliminate educational and social barriers, champion the benefits of post-secondary education and life-skills training, and promote Appalachian cultural awareness at Sinclair and in the community.

Services Available
  • Life Coaching to assist in maneuvering college and life issues.
  • IMAGE/ICCP Assessment for students unsure of career direction.
  • Appalachian identity efforts to assist students in better understanding our culture.
  • Community service outreach to Dayton's Appalachian neighborhoods.
  • Development and nurturing collaborative partnerships with college and community leaders to design and support programs that celebrate Appalachian identity, culture and values, and the rich diversity within our community.
Service Information Request

If you would like to request information regarding Appalachian Outreach services, receive reminders and/or RSVP for the Appalachian Community Breakfast, please click on the Service Information Request button below to complete the request form.

Contact Icon Contact Info:

      Nora Stanger
  Building 10, Room 425

Appalachian Tree


Appalachian Outreach Department Scholarship:
To qualify, students must meet the following:

The following scholarships are offered through the Sinclair Foundation to assist students of Appalachian heritage.

  • Jack and Ann Klein Scholarship:  To qualify, students must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA and be enrolled part-time (11 credit hours or fewer)
  • William Pearl and Mae Morgan Scholarship:  To qualify, students must be enrolled in a degree or certificate program, be of Appalachian descent from Eastern Kentucky or West Virginia within the past three generations, and be enrolled full-time (12 credit hours or fewer).
  • Our Common Heritage Scholarship: To qualify, students must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA, be degree seeking and enrolled in at least 4 credit hours, and be of Appalachian decent within the past three generations.  

Click here for Sinclair Foundation scholarship details.

Applications are open at June 1-30 for Fall semester , November 1-30 for Spring semester, and March 1-30 for Summer semester.

Celebrate Appalachia

Henderson Settlement

Special Feature:

Logo for Black in Appalachia

Black in Appalachia is working to highlight the history of African-Americans in the development of our region and its culture. Through research, local narratives, public engagement and exhibition, this project aims to raise the visibility and contributions of the Black communities of the Mountain South. This project is a community service for Appalachian residents and families with roots in the region. Click the link below for more information.   BLACK IN APPALACHIA

Appalachian Community Update Meeting, In-person and Virtually

The Appalachian Community Update Breakfast meeting scheduled on November 17 will be held in-person, as well as virtually via Zoom. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Date:  February 16, 2022

Time:  8:00 AM to 9:30 AM (Breakfast will be served)

Location:  Building 7, Room 006 A, B & C

Join via Zoom:

Meeting ID:    280 178 8578

If you plan to attend in person, please click here to RSVP



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