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Appalachian Studies Certificate

Program Description

Sinclair is proud to offer this short-term technical certificate with the Appalachian Studies emphasis—the first of its kind in Ohio. The program is designed for students who are planning on using Appalachian Studies to enhance their careers in a variety of disciplines such as: Sociology, Social Work, Education, Government, Health Care, and Public Safety (i.e., fire and police work). This program provides knowledge of a culture and helps diversify student’s educational growth and strives to facilitate the success of students and the achievement of Sinclair’s mission of community development. The student who pursues this short-term technical certificate will use it to expand their academic experience and professional development.


   HUM 1140:   Appalachian Folkways
   HUM 1141:   Appalachian History & Culture
   HUM 1142:   Native American History
   GEO 1206:   Appalachian Environment
   SOC 1108:   Appalachian Families

Bluegrass Music Courses

Classes in Bluegrass instruments are offered for the banjo, fiddle, guitar, and mandolin during the fall and spring semesters, along with a Bluegrass ensemble course, and are held on Saturday mornings.  College for Lifelong Learning students (age 60+) interested in auditing a Bluegrass course may contact the College for Lifelong Learning 937-512-5184.