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Equity Mission

The eLearning Division is committed to Sinclair's mission and values as they pertain to equity for all learners. Perhaps nowhere is this more important than in online spaces. 

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Digital Equity and Inclusion at Sinclair

As part of Sinclair's Diversity Mission, Vision, and Values, the eLearning Division is making a conscious effort to increase learning equity for all online learners in four ways:  

  1. Embody the focus mandated by the Sinclair Board of Trustees on the College's mission and strategic priority of equity in to eliminate success and achievement gaps between groups as noted by President Johnson in his address to the community: 

    "Sinclair strives to deliver education that is socially just, inclusive, developmental, practical, and humane."
  2. Assist faculty with addressing learning equity in online courses through course design. In 2020, the Digital Equity Committee was formed and it was made up of faculty and staff experts to create a Digital Equity Rubric for Sinclair's course design process. This tool was based on the Peralta Community College Equity Initiative
  3. The Sinclair Digital Equity Rubric became part of the Instructional Design and Technology's Course Review Checklist as a collaborative assessment tool between eLearning staff and Sinclair faculty to improve digital equity and inclusion in courses. Newly developed and revised eLearning courses are designed with a keen eye on equity and inclusion to better support all learners.
  4. Continued equity and inclusion efforts have been sustained by a generous $316,821 grant from the ECMC Foundation, which provides opportunities to expand upon the equity rubric pillars (human bias, content meaning, and connection and belonging) by improving inclusive delivery practices in eLearn-supported courses. Intentional collaboration between eLearning Coaches and faculty, and through leadership in the development of equity-focused training and community-building aid in the realization of generating inclusive courses.

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