Right to Know: Completion, Graduation and Transfer Rates


The U.S. Department of Education requires that all colleges and universities report graduation rates to all prospective and current students.

As of fall 2016, of the 1,631 first-time, full-time, degree seeking students who entered Sinclair in fall 2013, 81.9% had graduated, were still enrolled at Sinclair, had transferred to another college or university, or left Sinclair in good standing.

Outcome %
298 graduated within 3 years* 18.3%
367 transferred by Fall 2016 22.5%
303 enrolled at Sinclair Fall 2016 18.6%
367 left Sinclair in good standing** 22.5%
Total 81.9%

* This includes those who earned an Associate's Degree within 3 years or a certificate within 150% of 'normal' time to completion (time varies depending on credit hours required).

** Includes only those who had not graduated or transferred by fall 2016, and who were not enrolled here as of fall 2016.