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LIVEWELL at Sinclair: Wellness Program and Events

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What does LIVEWELL Stand for?

LIVEWELL@Sinclair was created to support our employees' health and well-being so they can reach their personal and professional goals.
Sinclair employees, both full and part-time, can participate in wellness education programming, informational Lunch & Learns, health challenges, biometric screenings, flu shots, and the annual LIVEWELL@Sinclair Wellness Fair. The Health Activity Tracker, with its associated challenges and rewards, is for full-time benefit-eligible employees only.

Frequently Asked Questions about LIVEWELL@Sinclair

How does HealthWorks protect my privacy?

Both HeathWorks and Sinclair are committed to protecting your privacy.  Below are statements from both organizations to reinforce this commitment.

HealthWorks:  No other entity except HealthWorks will have access to your personal information without your written permission. Data is stored on a secure, HIPAA compliant database.  Data backups are performed throughout the business day, are encrypted, and moved offsite nightly.  Within 30 days of the end of the HAT program year, the files are permanently wiped.  This means all submitted documentation will be gone.  Once the documentation has been deleted, reports of completion status will be available, but there will be no access to the actual documents.

Sinclair:  Per HealthWorks guidelines, Sinclair will receive only the following:

  1. Notification of completion of action items so that an employee can receive the reward. No personal or health information is ever included.
  2. Aggregate data for the college with no personal identifying information for the purpose of planning future health and wellness programs or information necessary for incentives, etc. (e.g., number of current smokers to determine if a smoking cessation program would be beneficial, etc.). 
Do I have to sign up separately for the Health Activity Tracker?

The Health Activity Tracker is hosted by HealthWorks, our long-term partner in wellness activities. Full-time employees access this by:

  1. Visiting LIVEWELL@Sinclair, and clicking the Login to Health Activity Tracker button. This will take you to the HealthWorks portal.
  2. Log in with your existing HealthWorks login and password. (For first time users, instructions are provided).
  3. Once you’ve entered the portal, click on the tab for My Wellness and then the Health Activity Tracker. This will take you to the home page that describes activities and challenges that allow you to earn points.

IMPORTANT: Always use the last 4 digits of your Tartan ID whenever you are prompted to enter the last 4 digits of your social security #.

When does the LIVEWELL@Sinclair program start?

LIVEWELL is a calendar year program.  The program resets each year on January 1 and ends on December 31.

What if I forget my password?

Log in to the Health Activity Tracker and click the "forgot my password" button--this generates an email allowing you to reset your password.

How does the Health Activity Tracker work?

The Health Activity Tracker keeps track of points earned for participating in activities such as preventative exams, wellness challenges, lunch and learns, and more. After each activity, you can login to the HealthWorks portal and click on Health Activity Tracker to submit documentation of your participation in the activity. Each activity is assigned a certain number of points. (For example, visiting your dentist earns 2 points, running/walking a 5K earns 1 point, growing a garden earns 1 point.)

How do I know I have received my points?

HealthWorks requests two (2) business days to update your Health Activity Tracker. Points will appear under the user column on the far right side of your Health Activity Tracker. A grand total will appear at the bottom.

Are there rewards associated with the LIVEWELL@Sinclair program?

Yes! For full-time, benefit-eligible employees participating in the program, there will be an annual wellness reward. Rewards are associated with completing a set of requirements that include:

  1. Completing a Health Risk Assessment
  2. Completing a biometric screening
  3. Visiting a primary care doctor
  4. Earning an additional 10 wellness challenge points by December 31st.

With completion of these requirements, an eligible employee can receive $300.00.

Is there a time frame of when I must upload documentation(s) in my Health Activity Tracker on the HealthWorks portal for points?

To receive the annual wellness reward, you must submit your documentation and earn your points before the December 31st year-end deadline.

When do I receive the $300 wellness reward?

If you complete the Health Risk Assessment, a Biometric Screening, visit your primary care doctor and earn 10 activity points documented in the Health Activity Tracker by December 31st, you will receive your wellness reward at the beginning of the next year.  (Please note: If a cash award is selected, this reward is taxable, but can also be put towards a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account, if applicable.)

How do I earn points?
  1. Use the Health Activity Tracker on the HealthWorks portal and scroll to the activity you completed.
  2. Make sure you have your documentation ready for upload in png, jpeg, or pdf format.
  3. Click on the Submit/View button to upload your documentation. The Health Activity Tracker explains the program and how many points you can earn. It will also explain what documents are necessary to verify participation.

In addition, you will see your points accumulate in the “user points” column and there will be a grand total at the bottom of the webpage.

How do I verify preventative exams and doctor appointments?

You can usually use an Explanation of Benefits document (EOB) or a receipt showing payment of services. You may also ask the provider to sign a note at a visit if needed.

Who is eligible to participate in LIVEWELL@Sinclair programs?

The LIVEWELL program is intended to benefit all employees – both full-time and part-time. Participation in wellness events and activities throughout the year is encouraged for everyone at Sinclair.

The Health Activity Tracker, with its associated rewards, is for full-time, benefit-eligible employees only.

Who do I contact for questions about the LIVEWELL@Sinclair program?

For questions related to the LIVEWELL@Sinclair program, send an email to, or contact the Human Resources office at 937-512-2514. For specific questions related to the HealthWorks portal or the Health Activity Tracker, please contact HealthWorks at 513-751-1288.

Help Using the Health Activity Tracker

Contact Icon Contact Info: HealthWorks

P: 513-751-1288

For questions about the LIVEWELL@Sinclair Program in general and not related to using the Health Activity Tracker, please contact Sinclair's Human Resources department or download this information sheet.

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