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Accessibility Services

Temporary Changes to Office Hours

 If you need to reach Accessibility Services, meetings are being offered remotely via phone or Zoom (App). All meetings will be virtual until we are able to resume in person meetings. Please call 937-512-5113 if you need assistance.

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Mission Statement

Accessibility Services provides assistance to all qualified students with disabilities, whether they are physical, psychiatric or educational. You are required to register with the office and identify your needs in order to be eligible for academic adjustments. All services are based on individual needs. We are here to help you reach your academic goals.

Eligibility for Service

A qualified person with a disability is someone with a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more life activities, who with or without accommodations, can meet the essential requirements for participation in a program.

Qualified individuals eligible for disability services need to produce required documentation of their disability and self identify their need for accommodations.

Grievance Policy

The Office of Accessibility Services (hereafter “AS”) at Sinclair College has the responsibility of determining a student’s need for accommodations to address disability related barriers to equal access to education. This determination is made through an interview with the student and a review of documentation of that disability submitted by the student. If AS staff determine that a student is eligible for requested accommodations, AS is responsible for facilitating the accommodations. Please click here for more information on Sinclair's Accessibility Services Grievance Policy.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)/Section 504 

Students or visitors in need of information regarding disability accommodations can contact Lorrie Spivey, Manager of Accessibility and Counseling Services and ADA/504 Coordinator for students and visitors, at or 937-512-3400.

General Information

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Apply to Accessibility Services

  • To apply for service submit documentation to the Accessibility Services Office.

Common forms of documentation include, but are not limited to:

Submit your documentation for review by an Accessibility Services Counselor.

Additional documentation Information:

  • Every student and every request is unique. A conversation about your experiences and expectations will help determine if additional information is necessary to support your accommodation requests.
  • If you are not able to locate documentation, schedule an appointment with an Accessibility Services Counselor to discuss the academic barriers you are experiencing and available services.

Meet with a Counselor

Request Services

Request services by contacting your counselor the first week of the semester. You must request services for each semester. *Academic accommodations such as audio textbooks and computer adaptations may take significant lead time to be ready in time for effective use. To expedite the request for Audio Textbooks & Adaptive Furniture please click the links below and submit the form to

            confidential information

Presentation Requests

If you would like a presentation by accessibility services, please fill out the form located in the link and we will get back to you.

Request Presentation Form