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Sinclair College

Counseling Services

Temporary Changes to Office Hours

 If you need to reach Counseling Services, meetings are being offered in-person, and remotely via phone or Zoom (App). Please call: 937-512-3032 if you need assistance.


Counseling Services offers students free, 24/7 availability for confidential counseling to address and work on academic and personal concerns. Our mission is to meet a student where they are and assist them in taking steps to improve their lives. The licensed counselors in Counseling Services help students identify steps they can work on to begin creating positive change in their lives with a holistic approach.

Counselors at Sinclair provide short term counseling for students. However, they can work with students to link them to referrals in the community for therapy or other services. The office is equipped with resources for Montgomery County, as well as surrounding counties.

Counseling Services also offers trainings and presentations on various topics for faculty, staff and students. Topics could include test anxiety, procrastination and study habits.


If you are a student and would like to request an appointment with one of Counselors, please click the button and complete the brief appointment request form and one of our counselors will contact you.  If this is an emergency/crisis, please call our office immediately at 937-512-3032, or contact Crisis Care at 937-224-4646.


If you are a faculty/staff member and would like to request a presentation by Accessibility Services for your class or group, please click the button and complete the presentation request form.


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