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Case Management Services


Our Case Management provides a safe and confidential space for students to discuss personal challenges and barriers making it hard for students to stay in school; by offering the following:

  • Helping students reach their educational goals by connecting students to on-campus and community resources.
  • Offering individualized support, and education to help students overcome barriers.
  • Sinclair Case Managers provide generalized support to help meet the diverse needs of Sinclair students.
  • Referring students to a wide variety of programs in our student’s local community.
  • Assessing student needs is a crucial step that helps identify student’s needs.
  • Assists students in finding resources to address students’ academic and non-academic personal challenges.
  • Providing internal referrals to Career Services, Tutoring, Sinclair grants/scholarships, and other campus resources.
  • Connecting students to community resources: housing, finances, transportation, medical care, etc.
  • Developing resource plans to help students meet their basic needs and achieve their educational goals.
  • Providing continued services: Follow-up meetings to see how the student is doing.
  • Providing advocacy and support to Sinclair students.
  • Offering personal/life skills coaching to students.

Request a Presentation

If you would like a classroom or an event presentation regarding our services, please click here to submit a presentation request form.

Our Case Managers are available to schedule a face-to-face or virtual meeting. If neither is an option, the Case Managers can meet via phone. Please click below to complete the Student Assistance Referral form, and a Case Manager will contact you to schedule a meeting based on your preference.

How can Case Managers help me?

Our office provides help with:
  • We offer generalized Case Management services by connecting students to a wide variety of services and help guide and support students through their individual challenges.
  • Housing insecurity: Help with rent and utility payments
  • Homelessness
  • Access to food and healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Access to childcare
  • Finding emergency financial assistance
  • Connection to campus supports like:
  • Counseling and Accessibility, Career Development, Tutoring Services, and many more.
  • Accessing campus resources
  • Promote student independence and self-determination
  • Helps students communicate with community resource agencies.

Case Managers do not:

  • Due to our students’ diverse needs, we do not specialize in any one area therefore we cannot be experts in all community resource fields. We connect students with agencies that specialize in your area of need.
  • Serve as a legal or professional advocate
  • Offer psychological counseling
  • Conduct searches for housing options.
  • Personally provide transportation services (we cannot transport students).
  • We cannot provide long-term funding for student transportation.

We cannot discuss student's Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) applications or answer FAFSA-related questions. Questions about FAFSA will be directed to Financial Aid staff.  


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