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Professional Development

Our commitment to continuous learning and professional growth ensures that our staff are well-equipped to thrive in their roles and contribute to our mission of providing exceptional education and support to our students. Explore our comprehensive training offerings designed to empower and elevate every member of our team.

Employee Training and Professional Development

Sinclair 101

Sinclair 101 is our essential onboarding program, tailored to familiarize new employees with the core aspects of our institution. This program covers Sinclair’s strategic priorities, introduces key stakeholders, outlines organizational structure, and provides an overview of our diverse programs. By participating in Sinclair 101, new hires gain a solid foundation and understanding of the values and goals that drive our college.

Administrative Assistant Boot Camp

Our Administrative Assistant Boot Camp is an intensive 6-week training program offered each semester, and is specifically designed for support staff looking to enhance their administrative skills. Participants engage in hands-on training that covers office management techniques, effective communication strategies, and the latest technological tools, ensuring they can perform their duties with increased efficiency and confidence.

Manager Training & Microcredential

The Manager Training & Microcredential program provides vital training on institutional policies and essential management skills to any employee with direct reports. This program is ideal for current and aspiring chairs and managers who seek to refine their leadership abilities, understand complex policy frameworks, and implement best practices within their teams. Participants will earn a microcredential upon completion, recognizing their commitment to professional excellence.

!nspireU Professional Development Program

The !nspireU Professional Development Program offers diverse training opportunities and funding for both full-time and part-time staff. This program aims to strengthen core competencies, boost employee engagement, and increase retention by aligning staff development with Sinclair’s vision and goals. !nspireU ensures that all employees have access to the resources they need to grow professionally and contribute meaningfully to our college community.

!nspireU Annual Professional Development Conference

This event is a cornerstone of the !nspireU Professional Development Program. It is a half-day program dedicated to celebrating the progress we’ve made together, building connections across departments, sharing stories of resilience, innovation, and success, and recognizing the hard work and dedication of our colleagues. Expert speakers and facilitators provide valuable insights on topics such as workplace well-being, emerging technologies, and innovative practices. These discussions aim to equip our staff with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the evolving challenges in their roles. 

Foundations in Higher Education

Foundations in Higher Ed is a specialized training program designed for directors and managers. This program focuses on broadening and deepening participants’ knowledge of the higher education sector along with Sinclair’s mission, vision, and strategic priorities. Through this training, leaders will gain insights into the complexities of higher education administration and develop strategies for effective institutional management.

Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders program is an executive-level leadership development initiative aimed at unlocking the potential of aspiring leaders within Sinclair. This program offers advanced leadership training, mentorship, and strategic thinking exercises. Participants will learn to navigate complex organizational challenges, drive innovation, and lead with confidence, preparing them for future executive roles within the college.

The Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is dedicated to fostering professional development and promoting excellence in teaching and learning. Our programs and workshops are available to all employees, with a particular focus on professional development for faculty, exploring innovative teaching strategies and supporting advances in higher education. The CTL provides valuable resources and creates opportunities for faculty to engage in discussions about teaching techniques, assessments, and peer reviews.

Tuition Waiver

Sinclair is committed to supporting the professional and personal growth of our employees. Our Tuition Waiver Program offers an exceptional benefit: tuition is waived for academic courses taken at Sinclair. This program allows our staff to pursue further education, develop new skills, and advance their careers with ease and affordability.

Key Features:

  • Tuition fees for eligible academic courses at Sinclair are fully waived, making higher education more accessible for our employees.
  • Immediate Eligibility: This benefit becomes available to employees at the beginning of the academic term following their first day of employment, allowing new staff to quickly take advantage of this opportunity.
    • Full-time Employees:  No credit hour limit per term. This benefit is also available to spouses/qualified domestic partners*, and qualified tax dependent children of full-time employees. 
    • Part-time Employees, including adjunct faculty:  3-hour credit limit per term for the employee only.
  • Employees can choose from a wide range of academic courses offered at Sinclair, enabling them to tailor their learning to their career goals and personal interests.

*A "qualified domestic partner" refers to a person who has fully executed the Declaration of Domestic Partnership with a Sinclair employee to certify that they are domestic partners for the purpose of obtaining eligible benefits through Sinclair.

Tuition Reimbursement

Sinclair values the continued education and professional development of our full-time employees. Our Tuition Reimbursement Program supports staff members pursuing advanced degrees at accredited institutions, providing financial assistance to help them achieve their academic and career goals.

Key Features:

  • Tuition Reimbursement: Financial support for tuition expenses incurred while pursuing an advanced degree at another accredited institution.
  • Eligibility: Available to full-time employees who wish to further their education and enhance their qualifications.
  • Application Requirements:
  • Job Description: Submit a current description of your job responsibilities at Sinclair.
  • Accreditation Evidence: Provide evidence of the institution's accreditation status.
  • Program Requirements: Include a comprehensive list of the program’s requirements, along with available options.

Doctoral Degrees:

  • Dissertation Requirements: Specify dissertation requirements at the time of program approval.
  • Reimbursable Courses: Only prescribed dissertation-related courses will be eligible for reimbursement as part of the academic program.
  • Relevance Statement: Describe how the chosen program or course relates to your current or future role at Sinclair.

At Sinclair Community College, we believe in the power of professional growth and the positive impact it has on our institution and our students. Our comprehensive professional development programs are designed to nurture talent, foster leadership, and promote excellence across all levels of our organization. Join us in our commitment to continuous improvement and lifelong learning.