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Professional Development

Professional development at Sinclair is a process for gaining the knowledge, skills, and competencies which contribute to the mission of the College. Through a variety of education and training opportunities, faculty and staff can improve performance, experience career growth, and better serve the organization and our students.

Faculty Development: The Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) fosters and sustains professional development in the pursuit of exemplary practices in teaching and learning. Programs and workshops are open to all employees, though the CTL does focus on providing resources to support teaching and learning strategies and promotes opportunities for faculty to dialogue about teaching techniques, assessments, and peer reviews.  The CTL calendar is a great place to review upcoming courses and events.

Staff Development

Full-time and part-time staff are encouraged to work with their management/supervisors to annually identify areas for professional and skills development, along with the workshops, classes, conferences, etc., that can meet those development goals.

Working with management/supervisors to assess the cost of attendance, staff can apply for financial assistance to offset fees. Funding will vary depending on the type of opportunity and whether an employee is full-time or part-time.  There are several levels of funding available: 

  • Career Seminars: local, one-day workshop or seminar
  • Mini-Sabbatical: multiple day conferences, generally requiring travel; virtual conferences are also eligible
  • Showcase Sinclair: an opportunity where an employee will make a presentation at an event/conference

Organizational Development manages the funds for Staff Development, and reviews and approves applications for funds.

To apply for Staff Development funds, log in to my.Sinclair, click on Forms Central, and scroll to the STAFF DEVELOPMENT folder to download an application. Additional requirements will be outlined in the application instructions.

NOTE: Please plan ahead! Funding requests must be submitted 30-60 days prior to the event date.

Tuition Waiver

As a Sinclair employee, tuition is waived for academic courses taken at Sinclair. This benefit will be available at the beginning of the academic term following their first day of employment.

Tuition waiver under this policy does not include any additional fees or charges associated with the chosen course (e.g. books, lab fees, online fees, equipment costs, etc.). Employees can pay these fees online through the Student Portal or at the Bursar's office. Books are available through eCampus and at the Sinclair Bookstore.

Employees receiving this benefit are responsible for the repayment of tuition waived if the grade earned is lower than a “C”. Repayment will be facilitated in accordance with regular Sinclair procedures for such deductions. (See Tuition Waiver Application.) 

To access the Tuition Waiver Application Form, log in to my.Sinclair, click on Forms Central, and download the Tuition Waiver Application form location under Human Resources Benefits.

  • Full-time Employees:  No credit hour limit per term. This benefit is also available to spouses/qualified domestic partners*, and qualified tax dependent children of full-time employees. 
  • Part-time Employees, including adjunct faculty:  3-hour credit limit per term for the employee only.

*A "qualified domestic partner" refers to a person who has fully executed the Declaration of Domestic Partnership with a Sinclair employee to certify that they are domestic partners for the purpose of obtaining eligible benefits through Sinclair's program and plans of coverage.

Tuition Reimbursement

If pursuing an advanced degree at another institution, Sinclair provides a tuition reimbursement program for full-time employees. To access the Tuition Reimbursement Program Approval Form, log in to my.Sinclair, click on Forms Central, and download the form located under Human Resources Benefits.

Information needed for the form:

  • A current description of your job
  • Evident of institutional accreditation 
  • A list of the program requirements, including available options
  • For doctoral degrees:
    • Specified dissertation requirements must be provided at time of program approval
    • Only prescribed dissertation related courses will be reimbursed as part of the academic program
  • A description of how this program/course relates to your current or future job at Sinclair

The Tuition Reimbursement  Policy is located in the Policies Library.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

Events and workshops sponsored by the Diversity Office or Accessibility Services are considered professional development opportunities. Check the Diversity Office webpage and The Center for Teaching and Learning for upcoming events, and work with your manager/supervisor to identify programs and trainings that meet your development goals.