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New Hire Onboarding

Welcome to Sinclair!

We are pleased to have you join us and confident that you are bringing fresh talent and energy to Sinclair Community College students, colleagues, alumni, and the Miami Valley community we serve. One of Sinclair's greatest assets are its employees, and we show this belief in the variety of human resources programs and professional development opportunities we offer. As Sinclair invests in its people, we experience the payoff of employees who are intellectually and professionally challenged and rewarded, and who make personal and professional contributions for the benefit of everyone served by the College.

New Hire Onboarding Procedure

Required Paperwork

Before your first day of work, please do the following:

  1. Download, print and complete the appropriate paperwork for your position.
    • Staff (non-faculty) new hire forms
    • Adjunct Faculty  new hire forms
    • Full-time Faculty  new hire forms
    • Student Employee  new hire forms
    • Intern  new hire forms
      • Note:  Completion of the I-9 must be done in person prior to your first day of work.  Acceptable forms of identification are listed on page 2 of the I-9. You must bring the original document.
  2. Schedule an appointment to return paperwork to the HR office.  Call 937-512-2514

IMPORTANT: For security purposes, do not include any birth dates or social security numbers on any documents you plan to send via email. Human Resources personnel will follow up with you to obtain this information.

New Hire Orientation

New hire start dates are the 1st and the 16th of each month. If these dates fall on a weekend or a holiday the designated start date will be the immediate following business day unless otherwise noted by Human Resources.

Upon completion of onboarding paperwork, you will receive additional information for Sinclair’s New Hire Orientation.

Full-time and part-time non-faculty employees will receive a link to a video library as well as an invitation to attend an in-person orientation session on the Dayton campus *. Full-time faculty orientation takes place prior to the start of each semester, and information will be communicated at that time.

Adjunct faculty are asked to complete a virtual orientation only, and a link to the video library will be provided. 

*alternate accommodations are available dependent upon circumstances


Official college/university transcripts are required for employees in a professional level or faculty position. Please have your official transcripts sent to Human Resources at

Office of Human Resources
Sinclair Community College
444 West Third Street
Dayton, OH 45402

Additional New Employee Resources