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Records Management Forms

Records Management forms are available on the Intranet under “Sinclair Forms”/ “Records Management.”

Form R1 – The Records Retention Schedule

This form is only used by the Records Manager.

Form R2  – The Certificate of Records Destruction.  See Records Management section of

This form provides the audit trail to document that our business records have been destroyed in accordance with the law as part of an approved records retention program.

  • The form must be signed by your head of department before it is submitted to the Records Manager.
  • All signatures must be in place before the materials are destroyed!
  • Numbers and codes required for the form should be on your department’s Retention Schedule.
  • Be sure to list the span dates of the materials to be destroyed so we can document how long we kept them.
  • The Destruction Date is filled in after the destruction takes place and must be after the approval signature dates.
  • Send the completed Certificate of Records Destruction (R2) to the Records Manager.
  • When you receive the approved R2, you may destroy the listed records.
  • Once the records have been destroyed, fill in the date of their destruction and the amount destroyed (e.g. 1 Box, 3 Files) on the R2 and return the original form to the Records Manager. Keep a copy for your records.

NOTE: If you have questions about how to dispose of records (confidential destruction, recycling) contact the Records Manager

Form R3  – The Certificate of Records Transfer. See Records Management section of

This form documents the transfer of records to the Records Center for long-term storage, or to the Archives to be added to the historical collections of the College.

NOTE: All materials sent to the Records Center/Archives must be packed in records storage boxes purchased from the Tartan Campus Store so they will fit on our shelves.

  • The form must be signed by your head of department before the transfer can take place.
  • The Records Manager will fill in the date of transfer when the boxes are received.
  • The location and receipt information will be filled in by the Records Manager.
  • Make a list of the names of the files in each box. Attach a copy of the list(s) to the R3 form and put a copy inside the box.
  • Send the completed R3 to the Records Manager/Archivist.
  • When the approved form is returned to you, arrangements can be made to move the materials to the Records Center/Archives.

Form R4  – Request for Reference or Loan of Records in the Records Center/Archives. See Records Management section of

This form ensures that persons requesting access to records in the Archives/Records Center are authorized to use these records. The form also documents the reference activities pertaining to the records and allows the Records Manager to track items borrowed from storage.

  • The form must be signed by the head of department in order for the bearer to be allowed access to the records.
  • Send or bring the completed R4 form to the Records Manager to get the materials you need.

For information email or call 937-512-2319.