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Confidential Destruction

Confidential materials destruction is a service provided by Records Management. “Confidential materials” refers to any document you would not feel comfortable making public, for example:

  • Documents that identify a person and include addresses, social security numbers, etc.
  • Documents that contain personal information like grades or evaluations.
  • Documents that include information about your department that should not be made public.

The Records Manager can accept confidential materials for destruction at your convenience.  The records are stored in a secured area until destruction can be arranged with our outside provider.  Sinclair works with its vendors to destroy records on site and under the direct observation of Sinclair staff.

Provide the name of a contact person, the location of the records, the quantity of the records (number of boxes). If the records are listed on your department’s retention schedule, a signed Certificate of Destruction [R2 Form] is required.

To arrange for confidential destruction, contact Shelby Beatty at or at 937-512-2319.