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Records Center Storage

Records Center Storage

The Records Center is intended for the storage of College records during the inactive period of their lifecycle – when they are no longer in use in the office, but have not yet reached the end of the mandated retention period. Any Sinclair-related, non-organic, non-hazardous materials may be stored in the Records Center.

Materials that have no legal, fiscal, or administrative value will be accepted and retained on a space-available basis. If necessary, any materials not on a retention schedule or past their destruction date will have to be stored elsewhere by the department.

To transfer and store records in the Records Center, it is important to follow these instructions:

  1. Contact the Records Manager regarding what you plan to transfer and if you need forms, boxes, supplies, etc.
  2. Access the Certificate of Transfer [R3 Form] on the Intranet under “Forms Central”/ “Record Management.” 
  3. Fill out the R3 Form, which includes guidelines and label templates for your boxes.
  4. Prepare your materials for storage in the Records Center as follows:
    1. Make a list of box contents as detailed as you need it to be to locate records as needed. Place one copy in the box and keep one for your files.
    2. Remove binder clips, rubber bands, and thick plastic enclosures.
    3. Unfold any papers that are folded.
    4. Remove any duplicate copies.  Space is valuable in the Records Center, so duplicate copies are only kept when the items are of great value or get heavy use.
    5. Use standard records center boxes ONLY, available in the Records Center or Campus Store.
    6. Place the file folders inside the box in order and with tabs all facing the same direction to make it easy to find things again later.
    7. Please do not include hanging file folders or three-ring binders.  Binders and hanging files damage the records and the storage boxes.  Remove the contents and place them in clearly marked file folders.
    8. Please do not over pack the box.  The lid should go down firmly.
    9. Please do not lay additional files on top of the packed files.
    10. Clearly label the box with all its contents.  Make sure others can understand what is in the box and what department it belongs to.
    11. Use the labels that print out as part of the R3 document.  They will fit inside the label holders on boxes.
  5. Send the R3 Form via campus mail or email to the Records Manager for approval. Contact Facilities to transfer boxes to the Records Center.

To use or borrow materials stored in the Records Center, contact the Records Manager and fill out a Request for On-Campus Records Loan/Return to Office [R4 Form], available on the Intranet under “Forms Central”/ “Record Management.” This form ensures that persons requesting access to records in the Archives & Records Center are authorized to use these records. The form also documents the reference activities pertaining to the records and allows the Records Manager to track items borrowed from storage. Offices may also use this form when records must be returned to the department indefinitely for administrative purposes.

For more information, email Records Management or call 937-512-2319.