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Sinclair College

Policies & Procedures

The following are links to Purchasing's Policies & Procedures Manual, as well as instructions to help guide you through the process of creating requisitions for college purchases.

Policies & Procedures Manual

Purchasing's Policies & Procedures Manual is the official reference guide to be used for all Sinclair procurement activities. Its purpose is to acquaint the college community and other appropriate agencies and individuals with the organization, practice, and procedures of the Purchasing Department.

Creating an Online Requisition

Use the Creating an Online Requisition guide for assistance in preparing an online requisition in Colleague UIWeb for a college purchase.

Required Documents and Approvals for Online Requisitions

Review the Supporting Documents for Online Requisitions guide to ensure that Purchasing and Accounting has everything needed to review an online requisition and create a purchase order.

Creating Amendments to Purchase Orders

Use the Creating Amendments for Purchase Orders guide to submit changes to an existing purchase order, including those with Professional Services Contracts (PSC) attached.

Instructional Videos

Creating an Online Requisition