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Meet the Grants Team

Sinclair’s Grants Team has over 90 years of collective experience in grants development. Over the past 30 years, Sinclair’s Grants Office has been involved in thousands of sponsored projects generating approximately $240 million in grant funding, which supports Sinclair’s institutional priorities of growth, equity, and alignment; strengthens College divisions and departments; supports the creation of new curriculum and credentials; and funds equipment purchases and faculty professional development.

In the News

National Science Foundation Awards and Subawards

Sinclair has received over 70 awards and subawards from the National Science Foundation (NSF) alone. 

Annual Impact Reports

Contact the Grants Team

  • Steve Bright, M.S.Ed.
    Steve is the Director of the Office of Grants Development.
  • Kirsten Bean, MPH
  • Rose Bradley
    Kirsten and Rose are Grants Development Coordinators responsible for planning sponsored projects, developing proposals and budgets, and prospecting for opportunities.
  • Cordell Williams
    Cordell is the Grants Management Coordinator and the primary contact for postaward questions related to program implementation, programmatic reporting, contract compliance, budget modifications and revisions, and grant renewals.
  • Kate Furmanski
    Kate is the Grants Specialist who supports the Grants Team in a variety of ways including identifying and assessing new opportunities, securing internal approval of projects and partnerships, and drafting letters of support and collaboration.