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Professional Pilot Program

Sinclair College offers one of the most comprehensive aviation technology programs in the nation which includes Bachelor of Applied Science degrees in Aviation Technology/Professional Pilot and Unmanned Aerial Systems. Sinclair's bachelor and associate degrees and technical certificate programs prepare graduates for careers as commercial fixed wing and helicopter pilots, aircraft mechanics, flight attendants, aircraft dispatchers, aviation managers and unmanned aerial systems operators and technicians. View all available Aviation Programs below. Graduates of our programs can also choose to continue their education in aviation by transferring to another college or university. Sinclair students can transfer their associate’s degree credits to complete a bachelor's degree through Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's Worldwide Campus.

Additionally, the Federal Aviation Administration has granted authority to Sinclair to certify graduates of its Aviation Technology/Professional Pilot degree programs to be eligible for an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with reduced aeronautical experience (R-ATP). The required total flight time for graduates of this program to obtain R-ATP certification has been reduced from 1,500 to 1,250 hours (Associate) or 1,000 hours (Bachelor).

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The Aviation Technology department has partnerships with MacAir Aviation and Higher Ground Helicopters, two of the region's most respected flight schools. These partnerships provide flight training for Sinclair’s professional pilot fixed wing and helicopter students. MacAir Aviation is located at the Greene County-Lewis A. Jackson Regional Airport and Higher Ground Helicopters is located at the Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport; both are a 15 minutes drive from Sinclair’s downtown Dayton campus.

Sinclair has partnered with Dayton-based PSA Airlines, a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Airlines, to train pilots as part of the PSA Cadet Program. This program offers qualified students a number of benefits including career mentoring, tuition reimbursement, and guaranteed employment upon successful completion.

Sinclair trains pilot students under FAA Part 141 (with the exception of Private Pilot certificates, which are under Part 61) and includes training in advanced flight simulators. Our Redbird FMX Full Motion Flight Simulator incorporates state-of-the-art glass cockpit training.

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Quoted flight training rates are for the minimum number of hours for each rating as dictated by the FAA. Flight training and/or tuition costs are subject to change.