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Flight Lab Enrollment Process

We are excited you are starting your training with Sinclair and First Flight Aviation! Whether you’ll be flying airplanes or helicopters, this checklist is intended to serve as a guide as to what is required before taking flight for the first time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Josh Sprague (937-512-2473) or Jill Sipple (937-512-2046).

Sinclair Community College requirements

  • You must enroll with the College
  • Meet with an Academic Advisor (937-512-3700), who will establish your My Academic Plan (MAP).
    • If you are an EXISTING student switching programs, your Advisor is the starting point. You do not need to complete the enrollment process again.
    • You will be able to register for many courses with your Advisor and/or via the online registration portal. Some courses have prerequisites; completion “unlocks” those courses.
    • YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REGISTER FOR YOUR PRIVATE PILOT GROUND SCHOOL (AVT 1110 or 1111) AND FLIGHT LAB (AVT 1124 or 1126) ONLINE OR THROUGH YOUR ADVISOR. Please see the “First Flight Aviation” section below for details.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements

  • Effective for the 2020 Summer Semester, program applicants must hold a Medical Certificate prior to registering for any flight lab.
  • You must obtain at least an FAA Third-Class Medical Certificate
  • You must take the Confirmation Number received at the end of the application with you to your flight physical with an FAA Aviation Medical Examiner (AME).
  • You must provide First Flight Aviation a copy of your Medical before the start of the semester.

First Flight Aviation (Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport, 937-885-3662)

  • Registering for the Private Pilot Ground School (AVT 1110 or 1111) and Flight Lab (AVT 1124 or 1126):
    • Schedule a meeting with Corinne Barnes, Flight Academy Manager, Martin Ferrari, Director of Operations, or Mick Phillips, Chief Flight Instructor, covering policies and procedures for the flight program.
      • This meeting is mandatory and may be able to be completed via phone or email. Please contact for details.
    • Upon completing the meeting, you will be eligible to register for AVT 1110+1124 (airplane) or 1111+1126 (helicopter) with Corinne/Marty/Mick. Your registration form will be sent to Sinclair for Chair approval and to Registration for processing.

VA/GI Bill Students (Sinclair Veteran Services: Building 11, Room 342, 937-512-2586)

  • General information:
  • If you will be training using Veteran’s benefits, your Private Pilot courses are eligible for funding in our accredited college program.
    • Obtain and take your certificate of eligibility to Veteran Services (
    • Upon registering for your flight lab and receiving your bursar bill, you must take it to Veteran Services for processing.
    • Obtain and take your FAA Medical Certificate to Veteran Services. This medical certificate must be dated prior to the start of the semester.