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SME Scholarships

UD Sinclair Academy (UD Transfer Program)

  • Earn a University of Dayton (UD) education at a fraction of the cost - saving up to $40,000.
  • As a member of the Academy, you will be considered for a UD merit scholarship, worth up to $15,000 annually during your time at UD.
  • You'll be eligible for additional funding, including up to $500 per semester for textbooks.
  • While enrolled at Sinclair, you will have access to various UD opportunities - career advising, peer mentors, student clubs and organizations, UD academic advisors, and more.

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The Wright Path (WSU Transfer Program)

  • There are nearly fifty articulation agreements between Sinclair Community College (SCC) and Wright State University (WSU).
  • Students enrolled at SCC are eligible for the entire range of SCC student benefits and can have access to WSU benefits such as a Wright1 Student ID (to attend campus events and join student clubs/organizations), WSU academic advising, WSU student housing and more.
  • Sinclair transfer students may be eligible for special scholarships when they transfer to WSU. Admitted students will be sent online scholarship information each year.

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