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Aviation Scholarships (as of 5-21-2020)

The following is a compilation of scholarships for which Sinclair Aviation students may be able to apply. While many are for flight training, others are offered for our other programs, including aircraft dispatch and aircraft maintenance. This information was last updated as of the date indicated.

THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST OF AVIATION SCHOLARSHIPS. Some webpages, such as the second AOPA link, have resources for additional scholarship opportunities beyond those listed here.

*Some scholarships have special requirements, which are indicated below the name.

Scholarships specific to Ohio

Ohio Regional Business Aviation: $2,500

  • 1 pilot (must have Private Pilot Certificate)
  • 1 A&P (must be enrolled in college maintenance school OR military transitioning).
  • Two available
  • Contact Information:
  • To apply, click the following link:

Ohio Aviation Association Norman J. Crabtree: $500

National Aviation Heritage Area (Cary/Gum Scholarship): $1,500

Sinclair/Choose Ohio First: Up to $1,600 per term

  • Must be an incoming freshman enrolled in a STEM program (Aviation is approved).
  • Must be a US citizen/permanent resident AND an Ohio resident.
  • Must have high school or college GPA of 3.0 or higher and ACT score of 21 or higher or college-ready placement scores.
  • Student must remain in their program for the entire term of funding and maintain at least part-time status (6 credit hours).
  • Details:

East Dayton Optimist Ray Fortener Memorial Business Scholarship:

East Dayton Optimist Harold and Christine Gum Memorial Engineering Scholarship:

Dr. Lewis Jackson Aviation Scholarship:

Gudorf Aviation Scholarship:

Middletown Community Foundation Aviation Educational Trust:

Richard Wartinger Memorial Scholarship:

U.S. Air & Trade Show Education Endowment:

General Scholarships

Aircraft Electronics Association (22 available): $1,000 - $3,500

AIAA (multiple): $1,250 - $5,000

ALPA: Amount varies

AOPA Air Safety Foundation: $2,500 - $10,000

Bill Cowden Scholarship: Up to $1,500

Calvin Carrithers Scholarship: $1,000

Dan Meisinger Learn to Fly: $2,500

Daedalian Foundation: Amount see site

The Deputy Scholarship for Women in Technology: $2,000

  • Must be a full-time student pursuing a degree in an eligible field.
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Must provide an unofficial transcript.
  • Must include a 500-word essay.
  • For more information:

EAA Scholarships: $500 - $10,000

Ernie Ayer Aviation Scholarship: $1,000

Figure 1

Lockheed Martin Vocational Scholarship: Up to $6,600

Motorola Solutions Foundation Public Safety Explorer Scholarship (Individual $2,000 scholarship):

  • Currently registered and active in a Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, Health, Aviation, or Law & Government Exploring Post.
  • Parent or guardian approval if under 18 years of age.
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • 500 word educational plan showing how you are going to finance your goal for a career in public safety 
  • To apply, click the following link:

National Aviation Explorer: $2,000 - $10,000

National Business Aviation Association: $1,000 - $5,000

National Gay Pilots Association: Multiple

  • Multiple scholarships available for flight training and aviation credentialing (i.e., an Aviation degree or Dispatch certification).
  • Scholarships have varying requirements & awards. Please see each scholarship for details.
  • Scholarships are not awarded on the basis of gender identity, expression, or sexual orientation. Please see the link below for further details.
  • For more information:

Navigating Your Future: $2,500

NHA Scholarship Fund (Helicopter): $3,000

The Ninety-Nines/Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships: Multiple, see site

  • Membership of at least one year in The Ninety-Nines required (except for Houghton and Cruse scholarships/funds).
  • Required demonstration of financial need, possession of valid FAA medical certificate.
  • General information:

The Ninety-Nines/Karen Johnson Solo Scholarship: $3,000

  • Female students only, must be age 16-20 during 2019 calendar year.
  • Must be used for initial training. Training must be complete by September 9, 2020.
  • Scholarship includes a headset, King Schools flight training course, and autographed set of Barry Schiff aviation books.
  • 500 word essay required detailing why applicant wants to learn to fly, how they will apply their training, flight training to date, goals, and experience in aviation-related activities
  • More terms and information:

Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals: $2,000+

  • Multiple available for various levels of  training. See website for full list.
  • For more information:

Real Deal Sober Living Scholarship Fund: $1,000

  • Submit a 500 word essay or two minute video explaining what you are studying and why.
  • Must be 18 years or older starting or continuing a college program with 2.5+ GPA.
  • Must submit proof of enrollment or acceptance.
  • For more information:

Regional Airline Association (RAA): $4,000

  • Four available
  • Must be enrolled in an accredited college/university in a program leading to an airline career.
  • Must have a 2.5 GPA or higher.
  • Requires resume submission, essay of 350 words explaining why you want to work in the airline industry, and a faculty recommendation.
  • For more information:

Richard L. Taylor Flight Training: $1,500

    Tailhook Educational: $2,500

    • *Must be child or grandchild of Naval aviator, flight officer, or aircrewman.
    • Over one hundred are available
    • For more information contact:
    • To apply, click the following link:

    University Aviation Association (UAA): $500 - $3,000

    • Piedmont Airlines, Joseph Frasca, Eugene S. Kropf, and Paul A. Whelan Scholarships
    • Scholarships have varying requirements and awards. Please see each scholarship for details.
    • For more information:

    University Aviation Association (UAA) Affiliate Scholarships: Multiple

    • Numerous scholarships for various purposes, including introductory jet training.
    • Scholarships have varying requirements and awards. Please see each scholarship for details.
    • For more information:

    Women In Aviation International (General information):

    • Various scholarships for Aircraft Maintenance, Dispatch, Airplane and Helicopter Training, and more.
    • For more information, click the following link:

    Women In Aviation International (New 2019 Flight Training Scholarships): $3,000-$5,000

    • Private Pilot: $5,000
    • Instrument or CFII: $5,000 (Must hold Private Pilot Certificate)
    • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI): $3,000 (Must hold Instrument+Commercial Certificates)
    • Multi-Engine or MEI: $3,000 (Must hold CFI Certificate if using for MEI)
    • Must be a WIA Member.
    • Must have a CGPA of 3.0 or higher at their high school, flight program, or college.
    • Training must be completed within one year.
    • For more information:


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