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Agriculture is the cultivation of land and breeding of animals and plants to provide food, fiber, medicinal plants and other products to sustain and enhance life. Individuals seeking an agricultural degree or certificate can to tailor their education toward a specific area of interest within agricultural studies. The major areas of concentration are: Animal Production, Agronomy, Agribusiness, Large Animal Science, Precision Agriculture, and Agricultural Equipment Operator. 

Why choose this career path?

Agricultural is paramount to sustaining life on earth. The number one career field in the Miami Valley region looking to employee individuals is agriculture. The average American farmer is in their 50’s, and the demand for younger farmers and sustainable agriculture is growing every year.

Sinclair is offering agricultural technology courses to meet the increasing demands of agriculture and fresh produce. Our programs teaches students the necessary skills they need to succeed in the industry. Programs include courses from technical and specific areas as well as the general education base related to agriculture to fulfill the educational need for agricultural experts within the Miami Valley.

This area of study might be for you if:
  • You enjoy being close to nature and involved with plant and animal life.
  • You don't mind getting your hands dirty and some hard work.
  • You would like to provide a valuable resources to your community.
  • You are interested in gaining strong agricultural, animal handling and husbandry skills.
  • You want to enter a business profession connected to agriculture and husbandry.

For more information about the Agriculture programs, contact Dawn Allen, at 937-512-5192 or

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For program specific information click on the program below:

Associate of Technical Studies
Agricultural Sciences

This degree uses courses from existing technical certificates as well as a general education base to fulfill an educational need for agricultural studies within the Miami Valley. Individuals seeking an agricultural degree will be able to tailor their degree toward a specific area of interest within agricultural studies. The major areas of concentration will be: Animal Production, Precision Agriculture and Agricultural Equipment Operator. Note: This program requires an approved ATS application. Please contact if interested.

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One-year Technical Certificate
Agricultural Technology

The certificate will prepare students for employment in various areas of agriculture. Completers of this certificate will gain additional expertise in areas including agronomy, large animal science, agricultural economics, retail and customer service.

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Short-term Technical Certificate

The agribusiness short-term certificate will introduce students to the agriculture industry and prepare them for entry into the agriculture workforce. Graduates of this certificate will be skilled in the foundations of business, agriculture, agricultural economics and agronomy.

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Large Animal Care & Handling

This program is designed to introduce the student to working within the agricultural field and will provide a baseline of business, communication, and animal handling knowledge.

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Related Programs

The below programs are offered at Sinclair from other academic departments, which are related to agricultural careers:



Career Paths and Opportunities in Agriculture Areas

Agriculture related jobs are projected to have a 37% increase over the next 10 years.

Download printable and accessible PDF of Agrucultural Career Paths

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