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Criminal Justice Training / Police Academy

The application for the June 2024 Day Academy is available using the link to the lefy.  The next Night Academy will start January 2025.


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About Sinclair's Training Academy

The Training Academy, part of the Department of Criminal Justice at Sinclair Community College, offers both pre-service and in-service training to support the needs of area law enforcement and corrections agencies. Peace Officer Basic and Corrections training offered through the Criminal Justice Training Academy follows the curriculum and standards of the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission, and all commanders and instructors are certified by OPOTA. We also add content to the Basic curriculum beyond that required by the State.

The Training Academy is located inside Building 19 at 214 South Wilkinson Street, near the corner of Fifth and Wilkinson Streets.

We offier a Day and Night Academy starting each January.  The January Day Academy runs through mid-late June, and the Night Academy runs through late July.

A second Day Academy is offered each June and runs throuugh mid November.

The programs of the Criminal Justice Training Academy are organized to train and retrain individuals for careers and professions in the Law Enforcement and Corrections Fields. Education should challenge the human spirit to improve the human condition. Therefore, we are committed to creative leadership in our educational programming and in fostering values that stimulate individuals to be innovative and progressive.

The Criminal Justice Training Academy recognizes that it is a valuable community resource. We will work to meet the needs of the community by identifying and assisting those who need its services, stimulating the development of new concepts, providing leadership for economic and cultural development, and serving as a resource center for community-based initiatives.

Please contact us if you have any questions:

Our Mission Statement: To provide the most knowledgeable, experienced staff to deliver the latest in training and technology to our recruits and in-service clients in a professional manner. The Sinclair Criminal Justice Training Academy is committed to developing well rounded professional law enforcement officers with special emphasis on professionalism, integrity, and commitment. 

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