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Business Information Systems

Business Information Systems (BIS) at Sinclair includes degree and certificate programs that prepare students for employment. Current and future industry and business needs require information technology support staff who are experts in software programs and the integration of software applications, have the ability to work in teams, serve as customer service agents, and use new technologies to maximize business productivity.

What do BIS Students Learn?

Students will gain experience in using technology for business administration, communication, and decision support. BIS programs combine courses in software applications, business ethics, communications, customer service, decision making, and office procedures, all of which provide students with the skills they need for the everyday running of a business.

Why major in Business Information Systems?

The personal computing technology and the growth of information are reshaping the office and the role of the end-user and information worker. Our department works to prepare graduates for employment and provide existing professionals with opportunities to update and enhance their current knowledge.

Programs in Business Information Systems are designed to give you a competitive advantage as a job-seeker, while teaching you valuable skills as an individual.

This area of study might be for you if:
  • You enjoy working with technology.
  • You like to be a part of a team, even as a decision-maker or leader.
  • You are interested in information technology and support.
  • You would like to learn more about how to use new technologies to maximize business productivity.



Book Icon Available Programs

For program specific information click on the program below:

Associate of Applied Science
Business Information Systems Go to Program Details Display Program Description

Students in this program will learn advanced features in various software applications, and will practice integrating multiple applications to be more productive. The degree includes a strong technology emphasis and sound business foundation with courses in accounting, economics, management and business math. The program will prepare software and information technology staff in all industries to work in teams, support internal and external customers, and use new technologies to maximize business productivity. Students will select one of four concentrations: software applications, computer support, business analytics, or medical office to gain expertise in their area of interest.

View Full Program Details
One-year Technical Certificate
Business Information Systems/Information Processing Go to Program Details Display Program Description
This one-year certificate is intended to provide advanced software application training necessary to work improve efficiency and productivity, and aid in business decision-making. View Full Program Details
Business Information Systems/Medical Office Specialist Go to Program Details Display Program Description
In this one-year certificate, students will work with various software applications, learn medical terminology, and take medical office and customer service courses that prepare them to work in a medical office environment. View Full Program Details

Computer Support Technicians provide first level support for users on computers, software, mobile devices and other devices connected to a network. Students will learn to provide technical support and problem-solving of operating systems, computer networks, software applications, and will utilize interpersonal communication and customer service fundamentals. Students will have the opportunity to earn A+ certification, Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certifications and customer service certification in specific courses in the curriculum.

View Full Program Details
Personal Computers in Business Go to Program Details Display Program Description
This one-year certificate is intended for those who want to update their knowledge of software applications and personal computer technology. Students will learn how to use personal computers for business administration, decision support and financial applications. View Full Program Details
Short-term Technical Certificate
Call Center/Customer Service Go to Program Details Display Program Description
This certificate is designed for those interested in working in a customer service center, help desk, call center, or medical scheduling environment. All students will learn customer service skills and telephone techniques, as well as software applications and keyboarding. Students then choose an area of focus to strengthen industry-specific knowledge in general call center, IT help desk, health care, or medical office. View Full Program Details
This one course certificate is designed for those seeking employment within a call center environment or those interested in improving their customer service skills and telephone techniques. Call centers have become quite sophisticated with effective measures for productivity. Students will learn how a call center operates and how the productivity measures are used. View Full Program Details
Data and Information Management Go to Program Details Display Program Description
Business analytics is expanding across industries as data is being used to inform business decisions. Students will learn to use various software applications to extract, prepare and visualize data to make business decisions. View Full Program Details
Software Applications for the Professional Go to Program Details Display Program Description
This certificate provides office staff, managers, professionals and anyone interested in learning software applications and integration with the skills they need for their job. Students will have the opportunity to develop and refine their skills in a variety of current software applications used in today's work environments and earn MOS Master Certification. View Full Program Details

Links of Interest

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification

Would you like to become Microsoft Certified in Office 2016? If so, please contact the BIS Department Office at 937-512-2168 for more information.


Business Information Systems (BIS) Lab

The Business Information Systems Lab (BIS Lab) is located in Building 5, Room 230. It is available as a place to work on or get help with BIS assignments or general questions about Microsoft Office problems. For hours or more information, please call 937-512-2906 or email

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