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Economics & Finance

Economics deals with the causes and effects of individuals, groups and whole societies producing, distributing, and utilizing natural, manufactured, and human resources.There is a natural partnership  between economics and business. At Sinclair, you can build a solid foundation in the economic principles required for success in business or to transfer to a university program.

Interested in a rewarding career in the financial world? The Financial Management program at Sinclair Community College will prepare you for a career in a bank, savings association, credit union, or other financial institution.

Why study in Economics & Finance?

This area of study might be for you if:
  • You enjoy mathematics and working with numbers.
  • You would like to gain more experience in the organization of business finance.
  • You aspire to work in the field of finance as an auditor or certified public accountant (CPA).
  • You are interested in learning more about accounting software.



Book Icon Available Courses

For course specific information click on the course below:

ECO 1100 Introduction to Economics

Survey of basic microeconomic and macroeconomic issues and concepts. Coverage includes: Supply, Demand, Equilibrium, the U.S. Economy, the Global Economy and Trade, Competition and Monopoly, Gross Domestic Product, Business Cycles, Unemployment, Inflation, Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply, Economic Growth, Fiscal and Monetary Policies.
3 Credit Hours

ECO 2160 Principles of Macroeconomics

Basic economic principles with macro sequence. Interrelationship of households, business and government with an examination of Keynesian theory, fiscal policy and monetary policy. Traditional testing (proctored or in Testing Center) is used in all online sections.
3 Credit Hours

ECO 2180 Principles of Microeconomics

Microeconomic theory including price theory, the theory of the firm, resource demand and wage determination. Also includes public policy toward business, economic inequality, labor, trade, balance of payments and the economics of third-world nations. Traditional testing (proctored or in Testing Center) is used in all online sections.
3 Credit Hours

ECO 2297 Special Topics

Varied content offering of special interest to the discipline but not covered within existing courses; may be scheduled in a classroom/seminar setting or in nontraditional format.

0.5 - 9 Credit Hours

FIN 2450 Personal Finance

Overview of the theories, concepts, principles, and processes of personal financial management, with an emphasis on everyday financial decision making.
3 Credit Hours


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