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Specialized Learning Spaces

The Business and Public Services (BPS) division is comprised of nine departments offering over 80 degree and certificate programs. Student learning occurs in modern classrooms containing the latest technology and software applications. Within the division, there are numerous state-of-the-art laboratories that mirror the environments students will experience in community settings.

Descriptions of the BPS division's specialized learning spaces include:

Computer Information Systems - This department has three computer labs used to teach computer networking skills and one computer lab used to teach user support topics. The network lab has ten rolling racks with Cisco routers and switches with additional rolling racks to house Enterasys routers. The User Support lab has hardware and software required to teach operating systems and user support skills. The back of the room houses workbenches for students to build and dismantle personal computers.

Criminal Justice Science - Criminal Justice utilizes space primarily for police cadet training. Included in this space is an indoor electronic shooting range and crime scene rooms where students experience an environment simulating one encountered by law enforcement officers. There is additional space used as a gym to allow hands-on physical training of officers and private security personnel.

Fire Science Technology - The facility includes a hazardous material and flammable materials laboratory, a computer room, a fire suppression systems laboratory with eight sprinkler systems, and a classroom/apparatus bay that houses three pumpers, a 100 foot aerial ladder, and a mobile breathing apparatus support trailer. Additionally, the department uses a two story “Class A” live fire burn building, a six story drill tower, roof ventilation simulators, and a firefighter survival drill simulator. Numerous hazardous materials simulators, including a railroad tank car and an over-the-road trailer unit, are on the grounds. There is also a natural gas supplied portable fire extinguisher training simulator as well as a fire pumper testing area with drafting cistern.

Hospitality Management - This program employs five laboratories: three production kitchens, one full-service fine dining restaurant called the Tartan Terrace Restaurant, and one demonstration kitchen that doubles as a lecture room for lecture/lab courses. The kitchens house cooking and cleaning equipment typical of a commercial kitchen. The Tartan Terrace Restaurant is a dining space outfitted with tables and chairs to accommodate guest diners as students practice their cooking and serving skills for these patrons.

Management - The department operates an RFID lab (Radio Frequency Identification Device) for students to apply hands-on knowledge of this technology. The lab contains RFID hardware and readers as well as software needed to operate the hardware.