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Sinclair's COIL Story

Fall 2019 Experience

In August, 2018, Sinclair was named as one of six accredited, degree-granting U.S. colleges and universities to participate in the U.S.-Japan COIL Initiative, which aims to expand U.S.-Japan higher education ties through collaborative online international learning (COIL). Sinclair was the only two-year school selected to join the initiative. Sinclair partnered with Yamaguchi Prefecture University, Yamaguchi, Japan, to develop, deliver, and assess a COIL course offered in Fall of 2019.

“An indispensable aspect of the selection process was that the six schools represented the vast diversity of U.S. higher education. Students who attend community colleges, small private, large public, or other types of institutions deserve access to global perspectives,” said ACE President Ted Mitchell.

“It’s an honor to be the only community college selected for this partnership,” president Steve Johnson said in a statement. “Sinclair has seen tremendous growth in student success and completion over the past several years and it is great that we now have the opportunity to extend our efforts across international boundaries through online learning.”

Sinclair faculty member Professor Kay Koeninger and Yamaguchi Yamaguchi Prefecture University faculty member Amy Wilson collaborated to develop a joint syllabus, and students in the two countries worked together to complete assignments that met shared learning objectives.  (Please see Sample COIL Module for more information about this course.)

Shrine in Fukuoka

Fall 2020 Plans

Sinclair is working with Jon Rubin, one of the founders of COIL to develop three new COIL classes, in addition to Professor Kay Koeninger’s COIL class, which she plans teach again with her partner at Yamaguchi Prefecture University.

Fall, 2019 COIL courses currently under development:

COIL courses currently under development
Sinclair Faculty Discipline Course Overseas Partner Institution Discipline Course COIL Project
Charles Richardson Business & Marketing Principles of Marketing Andy Stewart North Highland College, Scotland Business Mgt and Gulf Mgt Retailing In development
Jennifer McDermott Social Work Cultural Competence in a Diverse World Fiona Harper North Highland College, Scotland Care and Creative Arts/Health, Sports and Fitness Coping Strategies and Building Resilience Coping Strategies in a Changing World
Furaha Henry-Jones English English Composition II Amile Olwethu Mavundla Durban University of Technology, Pietermaritzburg Campus, South Africa Nursing Essentials of Professional Practice In development
Kay Koeninger Art Art History Amy Wilson Yamaguchi Prefecture University, Japan Cultural Studies Introduction to Western Culture Van Gogh and Japan


Spring 2021 Plans

For Spring Semester, 2021, Sinclair aspires to develop 6 – 8 additional COIL courses.  This will potentially enable nearly 150 Sinclair students to have an authentic international experience and to work internationally on a collaborative project.