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Types of Study Abroad Programs

There are several ways to study abroad at Sinclair Community College, including faculty-led programs, programs through a third party provider, and exchange programs. Each type has its own benefits. Read below to learn more about what will suit your situation best.

Short-term Faculty-led Study Abroad

Short-term faculty-led study abroad programs are a popular way to experience travel outside the United States. Students usually enroll in particular classes and then travel with their professor(s) and other Sinclair students to a destination or destinations overseas. Studying abroad with a faculty member and classmates is a good way to “get your feet wet” and experience life outside the U.S. The duration of time abroad ranges from a few days to 2 or 3 weeks.

Sinclair offers a variety of short-term faculty-led study abroad programs each year. Destinations and dates vary each year. 

Faculty interested in developing their own program should contact Deborah Gavlik at to learn about the proposal and development process.

Study Abroad through a Third Party Study Abroad Provider

There are many study abroad providers that coordinate study abroad programs all over the world. Some of the larger study abroad organizations are USAC, CIS Abroad, and AIFS. These organizations/providers have pre-packaged programs and arrangements with universities overseas. They often have an on-site coordinator who helps students with housing, local travel, and more. You pay for these services, and have the comfort of being in a group with other American students.

We strongly recommend going through a provider that will issue you a transcript with a U.S. college or university as the school of record. This allows for easier transfer of credits to count towards your Sinclair degree. If you select a program that issues a foreign transcript we cannot guarantee that the credits will be counted at Sinclair. 

What you need to know about Third Party Providers:

  • You often pay a little more but receive services such as an on-site coordinator, coordinated housing arrangements and field trips.
  • Federal financial aid usually applies for these programs.
  • Always check to see what college or university will issue the transcript. 

Check out some programs below:

Exchange Programs

Exchange programs are special agreements that colleges have with colleges and universities overseas. Under exchange programs, for each student who comes to study at Sinclair Community College for a semester or year, Sinclair can send a student to the partner college overseas. Currently, Sinclair does not offer exchange programs, but we plan to offer these programs in the future.

For information about exchange programs, please contact: Deborah Gavlik at or call 937-512-3999.