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International Student Services

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Building 10, Room 303
P: 937-512-3060
F: 937-512-5050
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Welcome to Sinclair Community College! Sinclair is a GREAT place to begin your educational journey in the United States, and Dayton, Ohio is a GREAT place to live!

We have many excellent transfer programs here at Sinclair. Sinclair students have successfully transferred to many ranked Ohio universities and other prestigious universities throughout the United States. We look forward to welcoming you to Sinclair!


Deborah Gavlik

Deborah Gavlik


P: 937-512-3060

Meng Riddle
Associate Director


P: 937-512-4606

Paul Carbonaro

Paul Carbonaro
ESL Coordinator


P: 937-512-3099

Maria Metcalf

Maria Metcalf
CCI Coordinator


P: 937-512-2975

Alex Brauer

Monika Daubnerova
Study Abroad Admissions Coordinator

P: 937-512-4415

Connor Leach

Connor Leach
International Recruitment Specialist

P: 937-512-2978