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Potential International Students

Online International Application

If you want to enroll at Sinclair, transfer here, or join our Intensive ESL program on an F-1 visa, or if you are a visiting F-1 visa student, begin your online international application at

Applying from Abroad Steps

Step by step details for students applying from abroad

Applying From U.S. Steps

Step by step details for students applying from the U.S.

Visiting Students Steps

Step by step instructions for international students who want to take one or two classes at Sinclair while holding an I-20 from another institution.

Successful Visa Interview Tips

10 points to remember when applying for an F-1 student Visa. This information is provided to help you prepare for your visa appointment/interview.

Foreign Transcript Evaluation Process

Information about the Foreign Transcript Evaluation Process

Current Tuition and Fee Schedule

Information on how much tuition and fees are to attend Sinclair as an International student.