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Interested in COILing?

If you are a faculty member interested in developing a COIL course with an international partner,here are some steps to get started:

  • Attend a general workshop offered by the CTL
  • Still Interested?  If so, contact Deborah Gavlik, Director of International Education, to discuss COIL and talk about your goals for a COILed course, and possible matches. Deborah can be reached at
  • Create a COIL Profile
  • The International Education Office will do its best to match you with an international faculty member.  Once you have been “matched with an instructor at a participating partner institution:
  • Together with partner, participate in a 3 – week online professional development course
  • Work with overseas partner to develop the COILed course including:
    • Learning outcomes for the COIL module
    • Dates when COILed instruction/projects will occur
    • Decisions about technology
    • Creating “Getting to know you” activities
    • Designing collaborative project/s
    • Planning student work teams