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5-Week Sample COIL Module

This was the course overview developed by Sinclair College's Professor Kay Koeninger and Yamaguchi Prefecture University’s Professor Amy Wilson for the COIL module they taught during Fall Semester, 2019.

COIL Course Overview

Students from Sinclair and YPU (Yamaguchi Prefectural University) will be put into Teams (TEAMS 1-14) with 2 students from Sinclair and 4 students from YPU on each team. There will be 4 STAGES to this COIL MODULE, as follows:

STAGE 1 – Getting to Know each Other (October 18-31)
  1. Each student writes an introduction to the class with a photo. There will be set questions, including a question about how they feel about doing this module. This self- introduction should be posted by October 24 (Thursday)
  2. Each student chats with a student from another culture on their team. Team Forums are set up in the system, so students can respond to other students self-intros and talk a bit about the COIL module and/or each other’s cultures and experiences, etc. Students wanting to do live chats are welcome to arrange this with their team members on their own, using LINE, Messenger or other applications. Responses should be posted before the following class (October 31), so that teachers can do follow-up in class if necessary
STAGE 2 – Getting to know about Van Gogh & Japan
  1. Students watch video lectures by the two faculty and also watch subject videos on Van Gogh. Videos will be posted on or around October 31 (Thursday)
  2. Students take short quiz on the lectures. Quiz will be posted on or around October 31st, and must be completed by November 7
STAGE 3 – Working collaboratively to create a presentation about a specific Van Gogh work (October 31-
  1. Students are given the requirements for the team presentation (October 31st) Each team is assigned a work by Van Gogh. Images of these works are in an image bank.
  2. Students collaborate on teams to present a PowerPoint on the Japanese and European elements in a work by Van Gogh. (October 31 - November 20)
  3. Students post their PowerPoint and present them in class (November 21)
STAGE 4 – Feedback, Farewells & Evaluation
  1. Each student has to write a short response to 3 of the PowerPoints using set questions.
  2. Each student does a good-bye chat with the student that they contacted earlier in the module.
  3. Students take a short (5 question) post-module survey. Responses, chats and the post-module survey should be posted/completed before the next class on November 28.