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COIL Benefits

COIL Benefits to Students
  • Students gain intercultural awareness and understanding
  • Students can learn about the discipline they are studying from another perspective
  • Student improve their digital literacy skills
  • Students are better prepared to work in virtual teams (a marketable skill)
  • Students’ communication skills are enhanced
  • COIL adds an important international experience to students’ resumes
  • Students can point to the COIL international collaborative experience as a skill when talking to potential employers
  • The COIL international experience is advantageous for students transferring to a university and/or entering the workplace
COIL Benefits to Faculty
  • Faculty will gain intercultural awareness skills and understanding
  • Faculty may develop new institutional partnerships
  • Faculty may attract international students to study at their campuses
  • Faculty learn how to develop and introduce international components into their courses.
  • Faculty become knowledgeable about internationalizing the curriculum and become internationalization champions and experts
  • Faculty engage in professional and international development