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Honors Scholars Program Completion

Upon approval of completion of the program, the student will receive an Honors Scholars Program certificate.   As the notation “Honors Scholar” cannot be added to diplomas, the Honors program has its own certificates of completion available when you have satisfied all the requirements of the Honors Scholars program.  Normally these certificates are awarded just before you leave Sinclair (whether through graduation or transfer) but can be obtained before that, if appropriate.

When a student applies for graduation from Sinclair Community College and has completed all the requirements for the Honors Scholars Program, the Honors Scholars graduation medallion will be presented to the student.  Medallions will be awarded throughout the year for students completing all the requirements.  Should a student wish to wear the medallion at commencement, he or she must submit the Honors Portfolio and graduation evidence at least two weeks prior to commencement date.  This date will be posted annually on the Honors Program website.  No requests will be granted after the deadline.

Graduation class