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Sinclair College

Scholarship For Sinclair Honors Program Students

This scholarship is intended to encourage students who have faced significant personal challenges while remaining committed to personal and academic excellence.


  • Must have been accepted into either the Sinclair Honors Program or Global Scholars path
  • Must have completed at least 1 of the required 4 Honors courses prior to applying for the scholarship and have maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.25.         
  • Barring extreme circumstances, students must have graduated high school to qualify 
  • Students must upload a letter of recommendation electronically to their application
  • Required essay (Arial 11-point font and one-inch margins) on the following:  How do you believe you embody the qualities of courage, persistence and compassion and demonstrate them in your thoughts and actions? What is the most significant challenge you have ever faced? How might receiving this scholarship assist you in being better prepared to serve others in your community?

How to Apply:

Students may apply for the Robyn Lauren Ulrich Scholarship online using Sinclair’s Online Scholarship Application System at  Applications are open during the months of June, November, and March for upcoming semesters. Students complete a General Application and then click “Apply” on the Robyn Lauren Ulrich Scholarship listing to upload the required essay and letter of recommendation.

Students should complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at along with applying for the scholarship. For questions regarding the FAFSA, contact the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office at, 937-512-3000, or on the third floor of Building 11 at Sinclair’s Dayton Campus.

Scholarship Application Dates:

  • For use during Fall Semester - June 1st - 30th
  • For use during Summer Semester - March 1st - 30th
  • For use during Spring Semester - November 1st - 30th