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Sinclair College

Community Service, Service Learning, and Leadership Requirement

As a member of the Honors Scholars program, a student must complete one of the following:

  1. Taking an Honors course that includes a Service Learning requirement or;
  2. Completing 20 hours of volunteer work at an organization of your choice;
  3. Assuming a leadership position of any student organization at Sinclair Community College for a minimum of two semesters (other forms of leadership positions may be submitted to the Honors Program Director for consideration).

In any case, the student must provide documentation that the project has been completed. Forms are available in the Honors Program office, Building 8, Room -025D and should be submitted as part of the final Honors Portfolio.

Community Service is defined as a not-for-pay activity that benefits the public good. The Honors Council has the sole right to determine whether a given activity fits this definition. This activity may be an internship such as that required by Ohio Fellows, but still must be not-for-pay and for the public good. It is highly recommended that Honors Scholars seek pre-approval before completing this requirement.

In order to provide the widest possible range of Honors experiences, the Council urges students to be creative, and will in good faith strive to accept a great variety of activities as fulfilling this requirement. However, the Council reserves the right to reject any proposal which in its opinion (by majority vote) does not fall within these guidelines.

This requirement should ideally be completed while the student is an Honors Scholar. The Council will consider activities performed before acceptance into the program, but in any case, the activity must take place while the student is enrolled at Sinclair. Projects completed after departure from Sinclair do not fulfill this requirement.