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Honors Scholars Graduation Medallion

Our medallion represents and affirms the virtues and endeavors which form the foundations of Scholastic Honor. The four icons located in the center of the medallion stand, respectively, for the modern Quadrivium of liberal education.

Honors Scholars Graduation Medallion

  • The Greek letter Pi represents not only geometric mathematics, but also the processes of rational logic and reasoning used in arithmetic and science.
  • The palette and brush stand for art as well as creative idea and invention.
  • The tome of history signifies that the study of past causes and their respective effects can better prepare scholars to recognize the outcomes of their own actions; its pages are open as a reminder that learning is a life long endeavor.
  • The quill represents the composition of poetry, prose, fiction, drama, and dissertation; for if the knowledge possessed by a scholar is not communicated and transferred on in an effort to teach others, that knowledge is wasted.

In the winter of 1987, the first courses taught for Honors Credit at Sinclair Community College were in the fields of English Composition and Mathematics; the quill and Greek Pi are found in the upper quadrants of the medallion as homage to this humble beginning.

Olive branches encircle the Quadrivium teaching scholars that Honor exists in the perpetual application of knowledge through benevolent and selfless action. The Latin banner reads Ad Scientia et Conscientia (for knowledge and character) further stressing that study is the foundation of Scholastic Honor while ethical practice is the capstone of an Honorable Life.

The Honors Scholars Medallion was envisioned by the students of the Sinclair Community College Honors Scholars Council and was created by former Sinclair Community College student Scott Hadley.