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Sinclair College

Honors Experiences

Honors Scholars are expected to participate and support Sinclair Community College events. It is important to be involved and learn more about the community in which you live and engage in activities that enhance the intellectual, academic, and cultural life of the campus. The Honors Program will offer regular Honors Experiences such as visiting museums, participating in book discussions, attending conferences, presenting in symposiums and attending speakers’ series. They also endorse the following types of events:

  • Sinclair recitals, concerts, and plays.
  • Guest speakers and/or webinars sponsored by Sinclair with discussion opportunities.
  • Most of the Sinclair Talks series (study-skills related programs do not qualify).
  • Sinclair-sponsored club events with guest speakers.

Honors Scholars should strive to participate in at least four such experiences before graduating. In consideration of scheduling challenges, other non-sponsored Honors Program activities on campus may be submitted to the Honors Program Director for consideration of fulfilling this requirement. Honors events at sister colleges also qualify as Honors Experiences. A one-page typed brief explaining each Honors Experience should be included in your Honors Scholars Portfolio as evidence of your participation. Other evidence can include newspaper write-ups, flyers, and photos of the experience