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Global Scholars, International Business Scholars, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Scholars

The Honors Program is excited to announce additional opportunities to complete the honors scholars program. Students will now have the option to participate in one of three diversity related honors scholars program.  This is similar to the Honors Scholars Program but it focuses on the Global Studies Certificate Program, the International Business Program, or courses from Appalachian Studies, Black Studies, and Native American Studies at Sinclair. Students choosing to participate in one or more of these programs are still eligible to participate in the Honors Scholars Program. 

Students must complete an application packet if they are interested in becoming part of this program. Please contact the honors office should you have questions. 

Global Scholars Application Packet

Below you will find the details for this new option.

Global Scholars/International Business Scholars/DEI Scholars

  • Housed within: Honors Program
  • Program Entry
    • Application must be filled out in completion and all materials must be submitted prior to acceptance
  • GPA
    • Cumulative 3.25 or higher
    • High School GPA 3.25 if the student has not earned college credit
    • Special referral from Kathy Rowell
  • Application
    • Form
    • Essay
    • Letters of Recommendation (2)
    • Transcripts
    • Interview with Honors Program Directors and/or Honors Council
  • Requirements
    • Complete four courses for Honors credit during your journey at SCC. 
    • For the Global Honors Scholars Program, two of the four must be from the list of courses required in the Global Studies Certificate to be a Global Honors Scholar. See website: Honors/Global Scholars work submitted in those courses will be part of the Global Scholars Portfolio.
    • If you are interested in completing the  International Business Scholar program, two of the four completed for honors must be from the list of courses required in the International Business Certificate. See website: Sinclair Catalog - Programs: INTB.S.STC.
    • If you are interested in completing the Diversityy, Equity, and Inclusion Honors Scholar Program, you are required to take the following courses for honors credit: 
  • AFR 1100 African American Studies or other AFR designated course (Black Studies program)
  • Humanities 1141 Appalachian History and Culture or Sociology 1108 Appalachian Families
  • Humanities 1142 Native American History
  • One elective course from the following list: Sociology 1145 Comparing Cultures, Sociology 2215 Race and Ethnicity, Geo 1101 Human Geography, Com 2245 Intercultural communication, Psychology1160 (African American Psychology), or PSY 2180 (Psychology of Gender).
  • Other elective courses may be substituted in consultation with honors program advisor.
  • Complete four Honors experiences. At least two should reflect an international or cultural experience. Write a reflection for each of the experiences.
  • Complete an approved service learning project or study abroad.
  • Submit an ePortfolio with above materials.
  • Final interview with portfolio presentation to Honors Directors and/or Honors Council.
  • Graduation
    • Global Honors Medallion Awarded
    • DEI Honors Medallion Awarded
  • Points of Contact

Becoming a Scholar

Scholar Requirements

Concluding Your Journey