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Sinclair College

Mission and Facilities

Mission and Facilities

The mission of the Sinclair Music Department is three fold:

  1. To create an environment that fosters an appreciation of the musical heritage of mankind
  2. To provide leadership for cultural development of students and community members
  3. To initiate musical programs and activities involving student and faculty artistry for the benefit of the greater community

We carry out this mission by serving five constituencies:

  • Music majors who enroll in the Associate of Arts degree program with a goal of transferring to another institution where they complete a Bachelor of Music degree
  • Students in degree programs other than music who are looking for elective courses with which to fulfill their Arts and Humanities electives requirements
  • Community members and senior citizens who want to broaden their musical experience and expertise, either by taking for-credit applied (private) music lessons or other music courses of interest to them
  • Community members who desire to participate in select community ensembles
  • The general public who attend music department concerts

 Our facilities include:                  

  • 461-seat Blair Hall Theatre, equipped with 96 hand-built acoustical clouds that insure the best possible sound distribution
  • 22-station music technology computer laboratory
  • 20-station Yamaha piano laboratory
  • Lecture classrooms
  • Large and small ensemble rehearsal rooms
  • Applied music studios
  • 13 individual practice rooms